November 18, 2019

ONE - only one week left to secure your beautiful, high-quality debate hoodie! One week! Many orders placed have not yet been paid for. If it is not paid for by Monday the 25th, it shall be dropped from the order. Come and pay.
TWO - all TWELVE teams that applied to go to the Churchill tournament this weekend have been admitted. Get ready for a great event! Registration starts early, be there at 8am.


November 15, 2019

Un tournoi en français! À Edmonton! Il semblerait qu'il y aura de la compétition de la SK, MB et même les Territoire du Nord-Ouest cette année. Ca risque d'être une compétition très intéressante!

Le vendredi soir est dévoué à des ateliers, et le samedi est la compétition.

Où: Campus Saint-Jean de l'Université de l'Alberta, Edmonton (91e rue NO)

When: Vendredi/Samedi 7 et 8 février, 2020

Time: 18h-21h, 8h30-21h

Style: Canadian parlementaire. Semblable à CN, mais où la réplique du l'Opposition est intégrée au 2e discours, et non séparée.

Sujets: deux sujets préparés seront donnés quelques semaines avant le tournoi, deux sujets seront impromptus.

Juges: appréciés, mais non exigés.

Frais: $50 par équipe

Date limite pour s'inscrire: 29 novembre.

Limite d'équipes: si j'avais à deviner, probablement pas plus que 4 équipes de Western, possiblement 3.

Formulaire d'inscription ici.


November 15, 2019

Congratulations to Livia Ion and Richard Zhang who were this year's Manning Beginner Tournament gold medallists! On top of that, Livia Ion was also the top speaker of the tournament. Double congrats to her! All Western teams learned a great deal, especially the importance of POIs and using them strategically within the round. Great job Western on another successful tournament!


November 15, 2019

JCS will attempt to host its very first tournament. Welcome to the circuit, JCS! Consider attending as a debater or as a volunteer. They'll certainly need volunteers for just about everything they do. If interested in volunteering, talk to Mr. Laroche.

Where: Joanne Cardinal-Schubert School, that place way south of here where they hold classes in the hallway.

When: Wednesday, December 4th

Time: 4:00-9:15pm (will probably run late, given it's the first time JCS attempts to run a tournament -- growing pains are normal.)

Style: Canadian National. 8 minute speeches.

Topics: R1 & R2 impromptu.

Judges required: Two per team.

Registration Fee: $50 per team

Registration deadline: 3:40pm, Tuesday November 26th. Sign up soon! Make sure to come pay as soon as you sign up to get yourself higher priority.

Form for registrations here.


November 15, 2019

The 2nd Churchill tournament of the year! SWC will host a holiday themed evening tournament on Wednesday December 11th. Sign up by Tuesday, December 3rd.

Where: Sir Winston Churchill HS, by a sorry-looking mall off Crowchild Trail in the NW.

When: Wednesday, December 11th

Time: 4:30-9:30pm

Style: Canadian National. 8 minute speeches. 2 impromptu rounds, holiday themed motions.

Topics: R1 & R2 impromptu.

Judges required: Two per team.

Registration Fee: $50 per team

Registration deadline: 3:40pm, Tuesday December 3rd. Sign up soon! Make sure to come pay as soon as you sign up to get yourself higher priority.

Form for registrations here.


November 14, 2019

Noah Macdonald had too much time and too little to do recently, so he wrote up a guide on the Churchill prepared motion. Consult it here.


October 15, 2019

HWW is holding a tournament on Wednesday, November 6th. **Any person attending the UBC tournament is therefore is in conflict due to the parent meeting and should not register.**

HWW tends to be a fairly small tournament, and we only ever get 2-4 teams in most years. A good event for new debaters trying to enter their first competition.

Where: Henry Wise Wood School, south of here on Elbow Drive.
When: Wednesday November 6
Time: 3:30pm-8:30pm
Style: Canadian National. 8 minute speeches. 2 rounds.

Topics: Impromptu.
Judges required: Two per team.
Registration Fee: $50 per team
Registration deadline: 4pm, Tuesday October 29th. If interested, sign up quickly, interest is likely to exceed capacity.

Form for registrations:


October 15, 2019

(previously known as the Oxford Qualifier)

The University of Alberta Debate Society will host this year's BP Nationals Qualifier for Alberta. Participants will need to get a "B" trip form signed to participate. Participants are responsible for their own transportation arrangements to and from the UofA. DEADLINE: Tuesday, October 22nd.

Where: University of Alberta, Edmonton Clinic Health Academy Building, EDMONTON
When: Saturday, October 26
Time: 8:30am-5:30pm
Style: British Parliamentary. 5 minute speeches. 4 rounds.

Topics: impromptu, but advanced.
Judges required: One required. A second is optional, but appreciated.
Registration Fee: $80 per team
Registration deadline: 4pm, Tuesday October 22nd.

Form for registrations:


October 11, 2019

Quick turnaround: forms & fees due OCT. 18th!

Hi Debaters!

I'm delighted to share the opportunity for Western Debate to go to the University of British Columbia (@ Vancouver) high school debate tournament. This is a great event that attracts a lot of different people to the trip.

Western has secured EIGHT spots in the tournament. We need a minimum of SIX registrations for the school to go ahead with the trip. First come, first serve. Essential details:

When: Depart the morning of November 22nd; return the afternoon of November 24th.

Who: Mr. Laroche and Ms. Fraser will supervise the trip.

What: At least 6 rounds of British Parliamentary debate

Where: the main UBC campus in Vancouver.

Why: some of the best teams from across Western Canada (the geographical area, but also the school I suppose) attend this tournament. You become better by testing yourself against the best. Some students also like to use this as an opportunity to go visit UBC as they are considering the institution as an option for post-secondary studies. You might also use it as an extra prep tournament if you expect to qualify to go to the BP Nats in Saskatoon.

Deadline: Friday, October 18th... but there are only eight spots available, and they will be given out on a first come, first serve basis. To be confirmed, both team partners must bring their forms and deposit (payable to Western Canada High School) into Mr. Laroche in Room 310 next week.

Click here for forms, or paper copies of forms can be obtained from Mr. Laroche. Email any questions to


October 4, 2019

Want to debate but don't have a partner? Use the Debate Exec's Partner Matching Service! The deadline to register is October 12th. To sign up, just fill out the attached Google Form!


October 4, 2019

Our annual Yearbook Photo session is scheduled for 3:50pm on Thursday, October 10th. We will meet in the regular Social hallway, and then go down to have our picture taken. Be sharp -- both for timing and fashion!


October 3, 2019

Hi debaters! Time to register for what looks like the first real tournament of the year. Western will be hosting a BP tournament on the evening of Wednesday, October 23rd. Deadline to register is by the end of the debate meeting on the 17th. This tournament is geared towards more advanced debaters due to the BP style & the motions, but anyone can register if they wish to try it out. Alternatively, you might wish to volunteer for the event! We'll need about 12-15 volunteers to time rounds and generally help make the event a success. See the volunteer signup link below.

Where: Western Canada HS

When: Wednesday, October 23

Time: 4:30-9:30pm

Style: British Parliamentary. 5 minute speeches.

Theme: "Diplomatic Relations with China"

R1 prepared topic: "This House would financially support the Hong Kong pro-democracy movement"

Judges required: One required. A second is optional, but appreciated.

Registration Fee: $45 per team

Registration deadline: 5pm, Thursday October 17th.

Form for TEAM registrations:

If you'd like to VOLUNTEER for this event (roughly 4:30-9pm), then please use this link:


September 30, 2019

First, to Seleem Badawy, who was chosen as the Tom Lawson Award recipient by his peers at the National Seminar for the delegate making the biggest contribution to Seminar and best embodying the spirit of the Seminar.
Second, from New Orleans, congrats to Abigail Conrad and Griffin Wong who were among the competition's top speakers! Western broke three teams (out of 8 spots) to the elimination rounds: first, the team of Mika Bains, William Li, Nicholas Rees & also the team of Silin Wei, Sarah Chen, Heather Sham both advanced to Quarterfinals. The team of Chris Tiessen, Jerry Li, and Patrick Rees defeated their QF opponents and advanced to the Semi-Finals. This was a great showing for Western Debate in an early season competition!


September 5, 2019

Hello, and welcome to WCHS Debate! Our first meeting is September 19 after school in the theatre. See you then!

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