A dedicated debater since junior high, Abigail is a grade 12 full French IB student at WCHS. She has competed in Canadian National, British Parliamentary, and Worlds style debate. Most notably, she represented Canada at Oxford Finals Day 2019, and was the bronze medallist speaker at the 2018 Harvard World Schools Invitational tournament. She is thrilled to share her experience and passion for debate with newer debaters.


Amelia is in grade 12 this year. She started debate in grade 10 and her first debate was a little scary and a little nerve-racking, but lots of fun. So, she stuck with it ever since! Outside of school, she does art, dance, and she runs a high school prep organization called Uplift.



Arthur is a grade 12 exec who looks forward to watching newer debaters develop (much more than he looked forward to writing a bio for the website).


Dilys is a grade 12 full French Immersion IB student who cares much more about debate than school. She competes in Canadian National, British Parliamentary, and World Schools styles of debate. She is also proud to be a part of the French debate community and went the French Nationals in grade 10. In grade 11, she was able to qualify for both English and French Nationals but unfortunately could only attend the English part. She looks forward to being able to support all debaters to achieve their goals.



Roy is currently in grade 12 here at Western. Debate is a platform where he feels able to discuss and learn about issues from around the planet. Some of his other activities include Model UN, assisting various student-led organizations, and fighting competitively as a Muay Thai fighter. He doesn't expect the latter to come into use for debate, probably.


Shiva is a grade 12 debate exec with experience in multiple styles of debate. He looks forward to working with club members this year.



Yash has been debating since grade 7 and has made the transition from Junior High debate to High School. She has experience with both CN and Worlds style and can offer personal training in both styles. In her spare time, she loves sudoku.


Zelalem, or Zela for short, is in grade 12. She has been doing debate for about 4 years, both in English and in French, and has gone to Nationals once for each. Outside of debate, she's in full IB and is the financial manager for the school store.



Chris is a grade 11 full IB student at Western. He is an executive in both MUN and Debate, and debates in both English and French. Chris’ accomplishments in debate include first provincial speaker in both English and French, and semi-finalist at the NOLA tournament in September.


Griffin is a grade 11, IB diploma student. He is passionate about debate, with over 4 years of debate experience. In his spare time, he enjoys reading books, computer programming, and singing. If you have any questions about debate, Griffin is more than willing to help.



Jerry Li is a grade 11 student who is in full IB, and he has been debating since grade 7. Jerry is a very passionate debater who takes every opportunity to hone his argumentation and public speaking skills. His accomplishments in debate include qualifying for Nationals in grade 9, (where he placed 9th out of 56 teams and 22nd out of 112 speakers) as well as qualifying for provincials in grade 10, where he advanced to the semi-final rounds. Outside of debate, Jerry is also a member of MUN as well as Math Club. In addition, he is also very passionate about magic tricks. During his free time, Jerry enjoys watching videos of other magicians and finding new ways to entertain his friends.


Ronica has been involved in debate since grade 7, in both English and Bilingual categories. Her favourite part of debate is judging rounds , and providing feedback that helps debaters to improve and grow. Apart from constantly arguing, and drowning in French IB, Ronica is an occasional musician and frequent napper.



Seleem has been in debate since grade 7, debating in both French and English. He is experienced with both Canadian National and British Parliamentary style. He is a full French IB student who spends his time studying (or trying). He has participated in many tournaments and attended many workshops including National Seminar where he was in the French category. He loves to teach people the art of debate and help people improve their speaking and argumentation. He loves watching people’s growth in debate and thinks everyone should do debate. When he is not debating or studying, he is in band, Model UN, or MEDclub.





Mr. Laroche joined the staff of Western Canada High School in 2015, where he teaches Social Studies and IB History in the French immersion program. A long time promoter of French and bilingual debate across Canada, he was awarded the McLeese Debate Award in 2017 for his contributions to Debate in Canada. Mr. Laroche supports debate because he sees ordinary adolescents become extraordinary leaders across all fields of endeavour through their training in attentive listening, careful reasoning, and purposeful communication. Fun fact: he's a music teacher by training, and once wrote a Master's thesis on the music of Super Mario Bros.


Ms. Fraser is Western's newest debate coach, but has years of experience coaching at other schools, including Aberhart, where she worked with debaters who ultimately competed at Worlds. She teaches English at Western.


Mr. Wutzke teaches English and Philosophy IB at WCHS, and is in his third year of coaching debate.

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