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Have a debate question? Feeling confused by a motion? Just want to get some practice or advice? Book a half-hour session with one of Western's debate execs, who would be thrilled to help you with all of your debate woes. Click here or on "One-on-one coaching" at the top of the page and book a time that works for you.


You can't argue about the world unless you understand it. The execs recommend the following resources to help you become a better debater and a more informed citizen.


The Economist (If you don't have a subscription, read in private browsing mode, or clear your cookies when you hit the paywall to get unlimited free articles.)

The New York Times

The Wall Street Journal


NPR's Planet Money

The Indicator from Planet Money

The Economist Radio

Vox's Today Explained

Vox's Worldly

Freakonomics Radio​


Cambridge BP guide: Preparing for a BP Tournament?

You might want to read this guide (linked here), published by the esteemed Cambridge Union Society (ie, the debate club at the University of Cambridge. Yes, **that** University of Cambridge).

The tips are good for more than just BP debating, too.

Worlds style guide: If you're the type of person who reads books for debate, consider this one. It's particularly helpful for Worlds style, as you might have guessed, but it's almost equally useful for any other format of debate.

"On Debating" - Noah Macdonald: One of our most well-known recent graduates, Noah Macdonald ('18), was Top Speaker at the 2018 Senior Nationals, as well as a Provincial Champion and a semifinalist at Cambridge World Schools Competition. Since graduating, he has continued to share his debate knowledge with the community, and to that end, he has been busy writing various debate strategy guides. He has graciously shared links to his drafts with coaches for the benefit of current Western debaters. "On Debating" (linked here) is still in its infancy, everyone will certainly find something useful in it. Please do not share the link outside the Western debate community.

Video resources

WSDC (Worlds style) and WUDC (university BP) debates on YouTube. Most of those rounds are good, but feel free to ask an exec or coach for specific viewing recommendations. As you watch, note the stylistic and strategic choices the debaters make. Try to implement them into your speeches.


For briefings on different styles of debate, judge's ballots, a more comprehensive debate schedule, and a plethora of other resources you can't find here, visit the Alberta Debate and Speech Association website by clicking here.

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